FLOURISH – It’s the word of the Lord for CCCC in 2017!


In the beginning of each new year, I ask God to give me a word of direction that will defines His will and primary activity for the year. This year the word is FLOURISH!

Wheat field against a blue sky

In order for anything to flourish, it first has to be planted. Then it is watered and nurtured while awaiting the harvest.

Unplanted seed has never produced a harvest, ever.

 Unplanted seed is worthless to the future wealth of the farmer.

 Unplanted seed cannot release the DNA of increase placed in it by God.

 Unplanted seed remains unchanged and unprofitable seed.


Your seed is the most valuable commodity which you have control of to influence your future for good. God gives you a will and choice with your seed. Only the seed of your time, talent, and treasure, planted into Kingdom soil, has any chance at all to prosper. Choose your soil wisely. Don’t waste your seed and forfeit future blessings through sowing to your own selfish desires. Sow your seed in obedience to God’s word. Sow cheerfully and generously. God has clearly shown me this year will be noted for “Kingdom planted seed” to FLOURISH! Get ready, sow your seed and watch it FLOURISH!